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Berkenrhode Vastgoed

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  • With private wellness options
  • Luxurious holiday homes for sale
  • Three holiday parks to choose from

Buying a luxurious holiday home in The Netherlands

You can buy a luxurious holiday home in The Netherlands of all types and sizes. At Berkenrhode, you have the possibilities to buy a luxurious holiday home at three holiday parks at the Veluwe: Park Berkenrhode, Resort Valley and Estate Oud Beekdal. We have secondhand holiday accommodations for sale at Park Berkenrhode and you will find brand-new holiday accommodations at Resort Valley and Estate Oud Beekdal. Buying a luxurious holiday accommodation in The Netherlands is a sustainable investment.  You can have it rented out partially or fully and receive attractive returns. Now that's enjoying your investment free of worries.

Buying your luxurious holiday home at Berkenrhode

You can buy a luxurious holiday accommodation for up to 10 persons at Berkenrhode. All accommodations have a sustainable interior and a luxurious appearance. They are fully independent on gas, feature water-saving shower heads and LED lighting, for instance. You will also have the option of installing solar panels.  At your holiday home, you will find an open kitchen with luxurious built-in appliances, a spacious and stylish living area as well as the option of private wellness such as a sauna or swimming pool. Outside, you can take a seat in the yard and enjoy the tranquility and nature. Plenty of luxury and comfort! Thanks to the central location, the parks are easily reached from the entire country. This makes investing in a holiday accommodation very attractive. 

Buying a holiday villa for partial or full rental purposes

If you decide to buy a holiday villa in The Netherlands, you can choose to rent it out partially. This means you will use the holiday accommodation yourself and, in case you are not using it, it will be made available for rent. Depending on your wishes, you will receive flexible returns. Another option is to buy a holiday villa and make it fully available for rent for attractive returns. For both options, the rental process is completely taken care of by our professional rental organization. You and your guests will also benefit from the park facilities, such as the swimming pool and the catering facilities. Request the brochure or contact us for more information!

An overview of Berkenrhode:

  • Used and new vacation homes for sale
  • With private wellness
  • Sustainably furnished
  • To partially or fully rent out
  • Usage of park facilities free of charge

Our offer of luxurious holiday accommodations:

Resort Valley

Park Berkenrhode

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  • Invest & enjoy without any worries
  • In the heart of the Veluwe
  • Sustainable homes
  • Professional rental organization