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Berkenrhode Vastgoed
Professional rental organization

Professional rental organization

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Enjoying your investment free of worries

Thanks to our professional rental organization, you will not have to worry about the rental process of your luxurious holiday accommodation at the Veluwe. Park Berkenrhode's rental organization, with over 20 years of experience, will take care of everything for you. The occupancy rate of your holiday accommodation is continuously optimized, allowing you to receive returns that are as high as possible.  We use the independent booking system of Booking Experts. Now that is enjoying your investment free of worries!

Discover the benefits of our professional rental organization ⤵

1. Linked directly to many tour operators

We collaborate with various renowned tour operators. For you, it offer the advantage that you do not depend on one single organization for the rental process. By being visible as well as bookable through various channels, you will benefit from a better occupancy rate. You will also not be impacted by strong price fluctuations by campaigns of an overarching organization. All tour operators are linked in real time to the parks of Berkenrhode Real Estate. This way, they always have the most recent information such as prices, photos and descriptions. 

2. Online marketing completely taken of

Being visible on the tour operator platforms is great, but a booking via our own website provides you with the best returns! That is why good online marketing focusing on our own rental Berkenrhode website is indispensable. Online marketing agency Booking Boosters ensures that as many bookings as possible arrive through our own website. For years, they have been specialized in online marketing especially for the recreation sector. Thanks to their unique performance-based method, they are often able to go the extra mile to cause your holiday accommodation to be booked through our own rental website. 

Website & Search Engine

A user-friendly website and SEO activities for an optimal position in Google.

Google Ads

Always visible at the top of Google with advertisements based on targeted search items and the park name.

Social Media Ads

Always visible on Facebook and Instagram with themed campaigns and good images.

Affiliate Marketing

Being visible at interesting parties promoting the Berkenrhode parks.

3 Always in control of your luxurious holiday accommodation

As the owner of a luxurious holiday accommodation at one of the Berkenrhode parks, you will get a personal account with which you can log into the Booking Experts system at any time of day. All communication with the rental organization runs centralized via a single platform. This ensures you always have insight into reservations, invoices and reviews. You can also indicate yourself when you may like to stay at your holiday accommodation. This way, we offer full transparency of the rental process of your holiday accommodation and you can see exactly how everything is going too.

4. Maintenance taken care of and automated settlements

We think it is important that the rental process of your luxurious holiday accommodation is made as easy as possible for you. That's why we take care of everything for you so you will enjoy your investment at the Veluwe free of worries. After all, renting an accommodation out doesn't have to be difficult. For example, Berkenrhode handles the maintenance and technical administration of your holiday accommodation. This allows tenants to enjoy their vacation without having to worry. And finally, you will always receive your revenue in time through automated rental settlements. Therefore, the rental process is properly taken care of at Berkenrhode thanks to our professional rental organization.

Discover the three parks of Berkenrhode Vastgoed ⤵

Carefree investment and always in control

Carefree, because the combination of Berkenrhode's professional rental organization, the independent booking system of Booking Experts and the online marketing by Booking Boosters allow you to invest free of worries in a luxurious holiday accommodation at Berkenrhode Real Estate. After all, we take care of everything for you and you have insight through your own owner platform too. 

✔️ Transparent ✔️ Easy ✔️ Honest

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