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Investing in recreational real estate
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Investing in recreational real estate

Park Berkenrhode is a small-scale holiday park situated in the heart of the Veluwe with a high occupancy rate. How would you like to spend weekends and holidays at your own holiday accommodation at the Hoge Veluwe? At Park Berkenrhode, you can invest your money in recreational real estate. Investing in recreational real estate is a way of investing that is increasingly popular. However, there are a few things you should now before you can invest in real estate. We are happy to explain them to you! 

The surrounding area of your holiday accommodation

You can go for beautiful walks and cycling trips in the area of the holiday accommodation you invest in. The possibilities are nearly infinite in this regard! You will invest in recreational real estate at Park Berkenrhode, which is located near De Hoge Veluwe National Park, the Ginkelse Heide and the Wekeromse Zand. The area is an amazing world full of the sounds of nature and birds. Park Berkenrhode is perfect for nature lovers, but for culture enthusiasts as well. Arnhem, Apeldoorn and Ede are located close to your holiday accommodation. The best place to invest in real estate is Park Berkenrhode. The surrounding area is perfect, but the park has excellent facilities as well. Enjoy delicious food and drinks at Le Grand Café, swim lengths at the outdoor pool, climb and clamber at the playgrounds and hug the animals at the animal meadow.

    Mortgage on vacation home

    A common option for financing is through a mortgage. Not every lender wants to finance a recreation home, and mortgages that are granted only cover 60 to 70% of the value.

    Loan from a bv

    If you own a private company (bv), you can loan money from your own bv as private person, in order to finance the purchase fee yourself.  This financing option can give various fiscal advantages.

    Using capital gains

    Using capital gains is also a commonly used financing option. You increase the value of your current mortgage and can use the capital gains that are returned.

    Own capital

    Your own capital can immediately cover the full purchase fee or a large part of the financing, significantly lowering loan amounts and making the conditions more attractive.

    Personal loan

    A personal loan offers more flexibility and less complexity if you do not wish to take out a mortgage. Monthly repayments and a shorter duration are advantages of this private loan.

Do you have a question about a recreation home that is to be financed, or do you want to learn more about a certain type of loan to finance a holiday home? Schedule an appointment with our sales consultant Thij. He is happy to provide you (without any strings attached) with the correct, tailored advice regarding financing your dream home.

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Investing in a holiday home

Imagine: free weekends and wonderful holidays at your own holiday home, equipped with all of the luxury and comfort you could wish for, and in a forested area too. The sustainable holiday homes you can invest in are situated at Resort Valley and Estate Oud Beekdal. These to parks are part of Park Berkenrhode. It is possible to invest in recreational real estate at these parks. You can decide for yourself whether you will partially use the accommodation yourself and partially rent it out, or rent it out fully. If you invest in real estate and decide to rent the holiday accommodation out partially or fully, you will accumulate attractive returns. In that case, your holiday accommodation will be rented out by our professional rental organization. 


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