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Berkenrhode Vastgoed
Forest villas

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  • Luxurious forest villas for sale
  • With private wellness options
  • Situated in the heart of the Veluwe area

Buy your own home in the forest

If you are looking for a luxurious holiday home in the Veluwe, the forest villas at Berkenrhode Resort Valley are exceptionally suitable to buy. You decide whether you use the home yourself, rent it out or opt for a combination of the two.  An investment in these homes yields a attractive return. The forest villas located in Gelderland are suitable for four to eight persons. Our homes are all built sustainably: our forest villas are completely without use of gas

Our offer of forest villas

Berkenrhode Resort Valley

The forest villas can be found at the luxury holiday park Resort Valley, which is being realized as an expansion of Park Berkenrhode. The facilities at Park Berkenrhode ensure that you can enjoy a carefree stay. Guests of Resort Valley are allowed to use them as well. For instance, you can enjoy the heated outdoor swimming pool or the private Wellness & Spa.  Because you will be in the heart of the Veluwe area, there are beautiful walking and cycling routes to be found. In addition, there are countless restaurants. You can even choose one of the star restaurants that the area has to offer. The central location of the park also ensures that the forest villas are easily accessible from all over the country. 

All Resort Valley homes are built sustainably, completely without use of gas and have water-saving shower heads. Optionally, you can also have solar panels installed on the roof. The forest villas fit perfectly into the environment in this environmentally friendly way!

Investing in a forest villa

Would you like to invest in a forest villa in Gelderland? It is possible to make the house completely available for letting or to partly use the accommodation yourself. When you invest in a Berkenrhode accommodation, our professional rental agency will take care of everything for you. This rental agency is constantly optimizing the occupancy rate of your forest villa so that you receive the highest possible return. In addition to working on the highest possible occupancy rate, our rental agency has a few other advantages:

    Direct link to various tour operators
    Managed online marketing
    Maintenance and technical management
    Insight into booking system

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