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Berkenrhode Vastgoed

Eco Birch Lodge



The Eco Birch Lodge is unique in its design, construction and location! Sustainable and does not use any gas. Can be furnished as desired with two bedrooms.  For the construction of an Eco Birch Lodge, high-quality natural materials were used such as Waxwood Gold outside cladding, zinc-look roofs and plastic window frames. Situated on a forest plot measuring 275 m². 

✓ Pergola

✓ Heat pump 

✓ Air conditioning

✓ Water-saving shower head and taps

✓ Electric fireplace 

✓ Extra well-insulated

✓ Maintenance and energy-friendly

✓ Vegetation roof (when possible)

✓ Wellness facilities in the yard (when possible)

✓ Enclosed yard (when possible)

✓ Holiday accommodation with letting obligation / combination with private use possible 

✓ No permanent occupation possible  

Accommodation delivery moment April 1st 2023



ParkPark Berkenrhode
Number of bedrooms2
Number of bathrooms1
Number of people4
Living area55m2
House number on park197
Number of bedrooms
2 bedrooms
Accommodation facilities
Electric fireplace
Air conditioning

Asking price

Holiday accommodation including lotStarting at €215,000.-Excl. VAT


Berkenrhode Vastgoed
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Roekelseweg 44-48
6733 BP Wekerom