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Berkenrhode Vastgoed

Eco Tiny Lodge



The Eco Tiny Lodge is unique with a highly modern and characteristic appearance. The Lodge does not use any gas and was sustainably constructed with sustainable materials. Modern kitchen with high-quality built-in appliances. Energy-friendly optimal insulation. Situated on a forest plot measuring 200 m².

✓ Sleeping mezzanine

✓ Maintenance-friendly

✓ Canopy with LED lighting

✓ Air conditioning

✓ Water-saving shower head and taps

✓ Electric fireplace

✓ Vegetation roof 

✓ Wellness facilities in the yard (when possible)

✓ Enclosed yard (when possible)

✓ Holiday accommodation with letting obligation / combination with private use possible 

✓ No permanent occupation possible  

Accommodation delivery moment April 1st 2023



ParkPark Berkenrhode
Number of bedrooms2
Number of bathrooms1
Number of people4
Living area44m2
House number on park196
Number of bedrooms
2 bedrooms
Accommodation facilities
Bedroom mezzanine

Asking price

Holiday accommodation including lotStarting at €190,000.-Excl. VAT


Berkenrhode Vastgoed
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Roekelseweg 44-48
6733 BP Wekerom